Giant Smile Orchestra

shutterstock_154685987The Giant Smile Orchestra is an important part of the show, able to stand firmly on it’s own in live performance and recordings, and by highlighting, accentuating and complementing the show’s content.  In addition to creating content and live performances for the show, GSO is the house or backing band and supports other musicians as needed.  GSO prides itself on meticulous re-creation and honoring of cover selections as well as original music.  We are welcome individual musicians and groups or bands with the following:

  • Singers – able to sing lead/solo as well as harmonies & background
  • Guitarists – with strong rhythm, lead, electric and/or acoustic with finger picking ability. Ability to play other stringed instruments such as mandolin, banjo or bass a plus but not necessary
  • Bass Player – who knows the importance of the bass as a solid foundation for a song. Looking for simple and strong, over flashy
  • Drummers – True percussionists who can create rhythm with nothing but their bodies, and are as comfortable with djembe’s and drum circles ad they are with a full kit and a band. Ability to use electronic beats, drum programming and play alone as well as with other percussionists important
  • Keyboards – strong piano base is the foundation we’re looking for. Comfortable with Hammond, Fender Rhodes or other classic keyboards, some techno looping, and ability to use keyboards to mimic strings & sounds w/ synthesizers a plus
  • Strings – Violins, Cellos and other stringed instruments  to collaborate and serve as part of a string section.  Ability to read, write, and transcribe musical arrangements as well as conducting experience a plus

*** Vocal, harmony and/or multi-instrumental ability a plus for all musicians ***