The Peace Revolution is a show about a community of people working to create a healthy, sustainable, peaceful world and those heroes, young and old, from around the world who are working to make it happen. Each week we shine the spotlight on the best the world has to offer, featuring success stories in the fields of: thumb_World_Peace_Sign

      • Health & Wellness
      • Sustainable Living
      • Clean Energy
      • Ecological Design
      • Socially Responsible Business
      • Social & Political Action

The show combines:

  • Conversations with leading innovators and experts in these fields as well as practitioners and every day citizens sharing ideas about what can be done and where trends are headed
  • News Coverage – for Peace, what’s happening in these fields, advances and breakthroughs, and calls to action on key opportunities for change
  • Entertainment – video shorts, live performances and media from artists active in these fields or with related material.

Our Community
The Peace Revolution is not just a show, it’s a community. In the face enormous health, social, economic, political, and environmental challenges, it’s easy to feel upset. This show is to you know that wherever you are, and whatever you’re feeling, it’s OK.  We want to let you know that you are not alone, that there is hope, and that together we’re going to help each other find the best practices and focus attention on the solutions to building a healthy, sustainable and peaceful world.  Together, we can speed the tipping point toward a sustainable culture.