IMG_1289Bradley Grove Hyson is the Host The Peace Revolution.  He is a visionary teacher, speaker, author, organizer and artist who has written over 100 songs, released two albums, and appeared on bills with Richie Havens, Allison Krauss & Union Station, Don McLean, The Pixies, They Might Be Giants, and Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson. In his twenties, Brad founded what would become one of the largest environmental sustainability organizations in the state of Rhode Island. Under Brad’s leadership they built an environmental education center and award winning, state of the art ecological housing model; educated thousands of students and adults through programs, workshops and special events; produced a regional sustainability festival for almost ten years; and helped shape sustainability legislation and policy in the state.  Brad has studied religions of the world, a variety of healing modalities, diet and nutrition, meditation, yoga and sustainable living for decades.  He has appeared before thousands of people of all ages and continues to speak and teach about efforts to build a healthy, sustainable, peaceful world.  He is currently finishing up Foundations For A Healthy, Sustainable, Peaceful World and the Life Is A Miracle children’s picture book series.